Using other people’s photographs

Photography is a pretty bold field. It is possible that you may be working with a web designer to provide images for a website but you may not have the exact images they need. So the best course of action, you think, is to get someone else’s photographs, edit them using some Lightroom presets you have, then send them to the developer to finish the website with. While this is the logical path to take, there are a few things to keep in mind if you decide to do this.


copyright-symbolOne of the biggest problems that photographers have is people using their images without their permission or without buying them. This is especially frustrating due to the internet. It is pretty hard for a photographer to catch someone using their images if they are not alerted to it. There are laws that protect against this kind of thing so keep that in mind when using other people’s photographs.

Ensure that you get explicit permission, preferably in writing, and ensure that you are told exactly what you can and cannot do with the images you have. If you have to buy the best sport camera images, be sure to read the licensing information so that you know how far your rights extend as far as using the images you buy reach.

While it is wrong to distribute other people’s images and photographs without their permission, there is nothing wrong with distributing the images you create using Lightroom presets.

Royalty-free and stock images

royalty-freeWith the growth of photography, there are lots of photographs who provide their images for free on the internet. There are known as royalty-free images. Their license allows you to use them for whatever you want. This is especially important if you want to create a lot of photographs using Lightroom presets. Remember that photographs can be a bit expensive and their unauthorized use can cause lots of problems for you in the future.

Most of the royalty-images are pretty cheap and allow you to do anything with them short of distributing them as yours. The only exception, as above, is when you edit them or apply some changes to them using Lightroom presets. The images that you edit in this way are not covered by the same laws as the ones you have not edited and can be distributed any way you like. As always, remember to read the fine print. You do not want some legal ramifications in the future.