Refinished Floor

The whole floor has had a new hardwearing satin finish applied, really bringing out the beauty and colour of the original Victorian floor. The unique texture and colouring of the floor really is one of the studio’s biggest assets.

We’ve been careful to preserve the wear and tear from its 160 year long life as a pub, you can even see the where the original bar was positioned and customers of yester-year stood waiting for their pint.

Bowens Hi-Glide lighting track now installed

For those of you shooting fashion or portraits, the new overhead lighting track will make your lives much easier.

No more tripping over light stands.

The Pub Studio now on Facebook and Twitter

We’ve taken the plunge and joined the social media phenomenons. Please follow us or like us, or both.

New Photo Gallery: The Pub Hire Studio in Use

Need some inspiration as to what can be done in the hire studio… Check out what the likes of Vogue, World of Interiors, Jerry Hall, Tamsin Egerton, Gabriella Cilmi, Jah Wobble, Homes & Gardens, Marks and Spencers, and many more have used the studio for. The Studio in Use Gallery

The Pub Studio, under new management

From October 1st 2009, The Pub Studio has been taken over by photographer John Spence from Martin Gardner. It is still being run as a photographic studio for hire.

John would like to assure all current customers of the studio that the way the studio has been run and setup will not be changing significantly. It is a wonderful space that works well as it is. There will be a few additions to the equipment available, and this new website will be having more and more information and functionality added as time goes on.

If you have any feedback or requests for the studio or website, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with John at