How To Merge Images to Panorama in Lightroom 6?

LR14Do you ever think of merging your photos into one single frame? Well, through the latest version of Adobe Lightroom, everything is possible. The program made it easier to take multiple images in one frame.

In this article, we will talk about the process on how to merge images to panorama in Lightroom 6.

Choose the images you want to merge

In Lightroom 6, before you can actually merge the images into one panoramic frame, you need to choose the set of images that you want to include in the frame. You can either choose images straight from the develop module or from the library module.

Clicking Photo Merge in Panorama

Once you’re done in choosing the images, you need to right click and choose photo merge. You will see a new pop up window of panorama merge preview and you’ll also see the outcome of photo merging in the panorama panel. However, if you don’t like the default photo merge setting, you can always modify it and create a customized photo merge.

Generally, you have three ways on how to merge your images in the panorama in Lightroom 6. These three options, namely: Cylindrical, Perspective, and Spherical.

Either of these three options, you can create a good frame of panoramic images. However, if you really don’t have any idea on how to maneuver the settings, Lightroom can work everything for you. The program really does a good job in photo merging.

In addition, if you are not satisfied with the work of Lightroom, you have the option to control Lightroom manually and crop the images that you want to exclude in the photo merge frame.

Modifying and merging images to panorama is not easy. The process is very confusing and tricky. This article will only serve as a guide, for more photography tutorials, visit and see more helpful Lightroom tips.