Beginner’s Guide: 5 Essential Advice For New Lightroom Users

In a recent survey made by several photo editing sites, the result shows that the majority of online users today prefers editing their images in Adobe Lightroom’s interface. This simply means that the features and services offered by the program have captured the heart of users. Moreover, Lightroom’s ability to create presets and organize image helps users to save time in their editing process.

In this article, we will talk about the five essential tips and guides for beginners. To be able to use Lightroom properly, here’s some things to keep in mind:

lr2Learn To Understand Everything In Lightroom

The first thing to do is to understand the Lightroom catalog as it is the main database which contains all important information about the images you imported. Lightroom catalog contains keywords, image data, metadata, ratings, records, file location and more.

Know The Advantages of Lightroom

There are several sources online stating about the many advantages of Lightroom. However, in order to appreciate it yourself, explore the program and enjoy every single processing. The main advantages of using the editing program are it helps you save time, money and effort. You don’t have to edit images manually like you usually do in Photoshop. Again, the program has the ability to create presets or filtered images that can be used in one or more images.

Explore The Develop Module In Lightroom

Lightroom has the ability to edit RAW and JPEG files and this can only be done in the develop module in Lightroom. However, for you to understand this feature, you have to explore the features in the develop module. This will allow you to know your strength and weakness in editing images.

Manage and Organize Images In Library Module

One of the main advantages of Lightroom is its ability to organize images in one collection or folder in the Library module. By this feature, you will not waste time in searching images that you want to modify or edit.

Modify Images and Create Presets in Lightroom

Finally, the biggest advantage of Lightroom is its ability to create presets and modify images. If you have that skill to create great presets, now is the time to try making one and share it to your own social network. However, if you don’t have the time to make your own customized presets, you can still download Lightroom presets free online and use it to your images.