Adobe Lightroom 5 New Features

photo2Before we start reviewing Lightroom 5, it is very important to note that Lightroom’s minimum system requirement has been changed. Some versions of the program do not support 32-bit of MAC OSm, but compatible with Windows OS except Windows XP. It is recommended to seek advice from Lightroom experts before buying it. On the other hand, users with 64 bit OS can use Lightroom smoothly on Windows 7, Vista and above.

Lightroom 5 still uses 2012 process version. So, for those people who still don’t understand what process version is, it is the image processing engine that Lightroom uses to make the program work. The company’s engineers do monthly upgrades to its settings to provide better product functioning. They remove bugs and other unnecessary setups which makes the program ineffective. While it develops new settings, the process version stands out by giving newly improved Lightroom basic panel control tools along with other photo editing options. Basically, Lightroom 5 process version is more useful and efficient than the previous ones. It makes a lot of significant changes that will definitely benefit its users.

Without better process versions, we will never appreciate the wonderful performance of Lightroom. Though there were some minor issues with the previous versions, I’m sure that the company’s team did their best to modify and improve it to make it even better. If you want more Lightroom photo editing, you have to make sure that you are using the most updated process versions.

When we talk about the basic control panel of Lightroom, we often think of it as the most complicated part of the program. But it’s not, its functionality is just simple that everyone can understand at one glance. You just have to select images in the develop module settings and choose other editing options to finally get started.

With Lightroom photo editing abilities, you can create tons of wonderful and high-quality Lightroom presets with specific color adjustments that will surely fit the subjects of your images.