8 Reasons to Use Lightroom

LR22A lot of Photoshop users are not aware of the several advantages of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. In this article, I will explain a bit more about what Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is used for and will focus the 8 reasons that you must start using this fantastic app today.

Outstanding image management.  Lightroom import can make duplicate copies of your images; one is for the catalog, and another one is for backup.

Strong organizing and searching. You can apply keywords while importing photos; you can apply them quickly with painter tool or even add them to groups of selected images and assign keyboard shortcuts to a set of keywords.

On- Image Editing. A fantastic feature in Lightroom is the on-image editing tool. You can find this tool under the Tone Curve and the HSL / Color / B&W panels.  On-image tool looks like a small circle with an arrow above it and another one below it.

Copy and paste settings. If you want to make changes to one image, you can simply apply one or more of those adjustments to any number of other images in your catalog. Just click copy from the History panel and select the adjustments you want to use. Then, select images and paste, also you can do this with keywords and ratings.

Can edit video files. Lightroom also offers video editing features, and does a good job if you only need to trim and correct white balance or the basic exposure of your videos.

Virtual Copies. Lightroom offers you a great way to save numerous different edits of the same photographs using virtual copies. Using this, you can reduce disk space on your computer.

No Need for Saving. If you feel like you didn’t save your photo after making changes, you don’t need to worry as they are automatically saved and they don’t affect the individual photographs. It also saves the history every step of your editing process for every photo in your catalog. This would be amazing!

Work with multiple files. Using Lightroom, you can simply work on multiple images at a time. You only have to do is to select them and start making adjustment. If you’re using collections, you can quickly adjust every image in the collection if you want.

If you have access to Lightroom, it’s worth a try. It could save you enough time that you’ll actually enjoy organizing and editing your images. If you plan to install lightroom, watch the video below: